One Brann's Treasure
Mission sequence
Requirement: None
Follow-up: Unknown
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Mooch
- Location: Irendas Penal Colony
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
Credits: 3450

Cryogenic Injector Gun Vextronics Cryogenic Injector Gun
Unknown Armor Legs Olympia Stealth Armor Legs
Unknown Armor Gloves Vitalius Motor Assist Armor Gloves

Overview Edit

Go out into the Arieki Plains and look for Bane Machine Parts scattered across the land. Gather the Bane Machine Parts for Mooch and return these "treasures" to him.

Objectives Edit

Gather Bane Machine Parts Edit

  • Bane Machine Part 15/15

Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit


I need more treasures. Many more shiny treasures from the battlefields.
Oh, oh, good, good! Another human to help ol' Mooch get more treasures. Yes, yes, you'll help ol' Mooch, won't you? I'll make it worth your time, indeed I will. Hmmm... nice, shiny equipment on this one, there is... Oh yes, I can definately (sic) make it worth your while.
Now, pay attention... There are many treasures out in the wilds of the Arieki Plains, not the least of which are machine parts from downed Bane ships. OH YES, TREASURES THERE ARE ABOUND! SSSHHHH! Don't let them hear us, then everyone will want these treaures... You're not thinking of keeping the treasures for yourself, are you? No, no, of course not. Then how could I make it worth your while if you keep the treasures from ol' Mooch?
So, you agree to go out into the wilds and find Bane machine parts for Mooch. Bring me many machine parts and I will reward you - that is my way. Now go, quickly, before the others figure out that I'm sending you to find treasures for Mooch!

Debriefing Edit

Walkthrough Edit

A few of these can be found by the Thrax Mine Layers near (/loc 590, -170)

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