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Type: Machine, (Hackable)
Weak To: Laser Laser
Resists: Physical Physical
Immune To: Virulent Virulent
Ice Ice

Nitroglazer Edit

Nitroglazers are part of the Bane army. Unlike a Shield Bot that are mainly for defensive purposes, Nitroglazers are a mechanical enemy used for offense. Their main weapon are two guns that shoot ice at their enemies. Using EMP weapons on them is a great way to disable them. They are completely immune to Ice damage as well as Virulent damage as they have no biological components that can be diseased. Also they are useful in crafting as you can use a Salvage Tool and remove items needed in crafting.

As per patch 1.4, Nitroglazers are now immune to ice.


Best way we found to get the torden plains objective for the TOO (untill the next patch where the objective will change for : kill X shield drones) Is to let the bane take one of the bases (preferably lightning field because there's a base close by if you die), then you kill as much bane as possible (preferably all of them) then take the shield down, get inside the base and wait for respawn without taking the point, that will provide you with an infinite source of nitroglazers...only downside is, it's also an infinite source of all the other forces of the bane, so be carefull.

Spot at 750,350 - 630,340 and around lava rivers

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