Overview Edit

These are non-functional pets that follow your character around.

Usage Edit

To use it, just right-click on the inventory item. Right-click on the inventory item again to remove your mini-pet from view. You can only have one deployed at a time.

Pre-Order Bonus Pack Pets Edit

If you pre-ordered the game there is a Rewards Verification Officer in Alia Das who will give you a mission to receive a pet. You may need to log off and log back in after your first session in order to be have the quest activated. This will give you a Pre-order Companion Token in your bag to be able to turn in to the officer to receive your pet.

Once you turn in the token you have a choice of two pets: the pine-ock or the shellbot.

Limited Collector's Edition Pet Edit

If you have the limited collector's edition, the boo bot will automatically appear in your inventory.

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