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Mind Slayer
Mission sequence
Requirement: Mind Bender
Required Level 32 (possibly less)
Mission giver: Agent Perdu
- Location: Fort Defiance
Reward giver: Agent Perdu
- Location: Fort Defiance
XP: 100,000
Credits: 6,600


Overview Overview Edit

Infilitrate the Derak Prison Facilty in Desolation Quarry and assassinate Thrax Inquisitor Krakatus. Retrieve his datapad with the schematics for the Bane Mind Control Implants and bring it to Agent Perdu at Fort Defiance.

Objectives Objectives Edit

Kill Inquisitor Krakatus.
Assassinate Inquisitor Krakatus at the Derak Prison Facility inside Desolation Quarry and retreive his datapad.
Item0000 Inquisitor Krakatus' Datapad 0/1

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Agent Perdu:

That surveillance data blew this case wide open. We've finally got a target, a Thrax scientist named Inquisitor Krakatus!
The Bane have constructed a small prison facility inside Desolation Quarry. The Thrax call it "Derak." We've analyzed the surveillance data you acquired and determined that the Bane are using it to conduct their mind control experiments.
A Thrax scientist named Inquisitor Krakatus has been spotted going in and out of the structure. Dollars to donuts he's the brain behind the whole thing. If we take him out we can stop the whole operation. It's also vital that you bring me his personal datapad. It should have all his schematics for the Mind Control Implants.
So, that's it in a nutshell. Get in there, kill Krakatus, and get his datapad. And if you take out his lab equipment in the process, so much the better.

Debriefing Edit

Agent Perdu:

You impress me, soldier. I've been authorized by Penumbra to grant you Level One Security Clearance.
We'll be calling on you again, I'm sure. In the meantime, don't forget: everything you've seen and done is classified. Don't talk to anybody about it, and that includes your superior officers. Penumbra operates outside of the traditional chain-of-command, so don't expect anybody to treat you differently. You're still a regular GI in their eyes. In ours? Well, let's just say you have potential.
We'll be in touch.

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

Krakatus is in the back section of the jail. He was resistant to fire and ice, and died quickly to sonic. Immune to Electric. Died quickly with photonic attacks too.

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