Military Surplus

Military Surplus

Military Surplus - also refered to as MS - is Tabula Rasa's version of an auction house.


There are 5 locations so far:

  • Wilderness: Twin Pillars
  • Palisades: Cumbria Research - Destroyed in Bane attack in September, 2008 (Deployment 12)
  • Palisades: New Cumbria - The MS vendors from Cumbria Research have relocated to the second floor of a structure at this new fortified location.
  • Plateau: Fort Defiance
  • Plains: Irendas Colony
  • Thunderhead: Thunderhead Base


The MS interface allows for searching by:

Once results are displayed, they can further be sorted by:

  • Item name.
  • Item level.
  • Auction duration.
  • Seller.
  • Price.

Results can also be displayed by:

  • Price per unit (for stacked items).
  • Usability; whether your character can use the item or now. Currently, the usability filter it not yet implemented.


Items to be sold must be repaired (if applicable) before being sold. Stackable items (Med Packs, Dye, etc.) can be sold individually or in stacks of up to 5000. Upon creating an auction, a small deposit is paid.

Options that can be set include:

  • The item's price.
  • The duration of the auction, up to 3 days.
  • Whether the item must be bought out or bid for. Currently, bidding is not yet implemented.

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