This mission no longer available as of deployment 11.6

Mighty Miasma
Mission sequence
Requirement: Lurking in the Shadows
Follow-up: none
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Dr. Munson
- Location: Alia Das
Reward giver: Dr. Munson
- Location: Alia Das
XP: 4000
Credits: 600

Conical Healing Disc Astra Conical Healing Disc
Salvage Tool Dynamo Salvage Tool

Overview Edit

Mission log: "Bring 6 miasma goos from the caves at Pinhole Falls to Dr. Munson at Alia Das."

Objectives Edit

  • Get 6 Miasma Goo Samples
Item0409 Miasma Goo x/6

Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Dr. Munson:

There's one last thing you can do for me while you're here. The locals have been talking about this 'flying squid', but I've discovered that the proper name for this creature is the Miasma.
They are a little fightening to behold, flying along with all those tentacles. There's not really much we know about these things, so I'd like to get just some basic samples from them. You can find them in the caves at Pinhole Falls.
I believe if you could bring me six, I'd have enough to start a basic biopsy.

Debriefing Edit

Dr. Munson:

Oh, these are fantastic. Thank you so much for doing this.
I've gotten a report from my colleagues on the Divide continent, and it seems that flamethrowers work best against the Miasmas, destroying them almost completely.

Walkthrough Edit

The Miasmas are found inside the Pinhole Falls Cavern. They are quite hard to beat for a low-level player, so proceed with caution.

This mission is best combined with missions like Logos: Enemy, Miner Difficulties or Mama Miasma, which take you to the same cave and require you to fight Miasma.

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