Miasma Mutations
Mission sequence
Requirement: Deadly Moxins, er-Toxins
Follow-up: Miasma Testing
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Dr. Donius
- Location: Retread Caves
Reward giver: Dr. Donius
- Location: Retread Caves
XP: 45,000
Credits: 4,800

Pulse RPG Launcher Teleract Pulse RPG Launcher lvl 30
Virulent Leech Gun AccuMax Virulent Leech Gun lvl 29
Incendiary Net Gun Shinobi Incendiary Net Gun lvl 31
Photonic Shotgun ChiTech Photonic Shotgun lvl 32

Overview Overview Edit

Bring 10 skin samples from mutated miasmas back to Dr. Donius in the Retread Caves.

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Collect Mutation Samples

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Dr. Donius:

Oh dear, we seem to have a problem. It seems some of the poison that we used to kill the Mox has seeped through the cave system and into another cavern. Like I said before, it has no deleterious effect on humans, but apparently it does have some effect on the Miasmas...they seem to have, well, mutated is I guess the best word for it.
I'm going to need to study some of the biological tissue regenerating on the...I guess what I'm trying to say is, I need you to kill some of the mutated miasmas and bring me their skin samples. I'm going to have to run quite a few tests so you will probably have to bring me about 10 of them.

Debriefing Edit

Dr. Donius:

Yes, I'll have to do this quickly. I believe something very strange is happening with the miasmas in this cave system now. Blast it all, why did I have you release that poison without further tests?

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

The moment you accept the mission, miasma will leap from the ground closest to the doctor, most likely the ledge below the two female NPC mission givers. The miasma will respawn at that point from now on.

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