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Type: Biological
Weak To: Fire Fire
Resists: none
Immune To: Ice Ice


Miasma are often found in caves and graveyards, and have the ability to phase in and out of a fully physical form. They are generally not too dangerous, though their phasing capability can make them troublesome to combat by those who are not familiar with them.

We have found miasmas on both Arieki and Foreas, suggesting that this creature have been imported from another world, or from one of these world to the other. It's possible that the presence of the Eloh caused the Miasmas to evolve in parallel, or merely a natural coincidence. The Miasmas, like most native animals, do not co-operate with the Bane, unless they are "altered" by Bane scientists (see Altered Miasma.

They have a special melee ice attack that can freeze you in place for a short period (about 10% chance) and reduce your ice damage resistance.


  • Miasma cannot be harmed while in their non-physical "cloud" form.
  • All high ROF weapons are extremely ineffective against Miasmas due to their "cloud" form. Shotguns are most effective.
  • Miasmas are extremely aggressive and will follow you until either you or they are dead.
  • When Miasma returns from its "cloud" form, it produces sonic wave that harms others around it.


  • Tomb Miasma
  • Tomb Miasma Bull DescriptionEdit

Physical TraitsEdit

Slightly larger than the average human.

Damage TypeEdit

Physical, Ice

Weapons UsedEdit

Miasmas do not use weapons. Instead they attack with their long whip-like tentacles.

Special AttacksEdit

Miasmas can use a special ice attack to freeze you in place and reduce your ice damage resistance.


None, but Miasma's have the ability to phase in and out during an attack, making them extremely hard to target.


It is rumored that incendiary weapons can be effective against miasmas.

Attack RangeEdit



Miasma's are usually found in medium sized groups of 3 to 5. More can be found together if they are encountered in their natural habitats in caves or other secluded areas. Miasma/Playtr

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