Master Phanin
Master Phanin

Overview Edit

Master Phanin, or just "Phanin", is an elite mob in the instance Phanin Research Facility located under Irendas Penal Colony in Torden Plains. Master Phanin is a scientific researcher, and is also seen as a powerful political and ideological influence over the remnants of the Brann race. In fact, many followers have begun referring to themselves as Phanin Brann. Phanin, like all surviving Brann was originally considered a criminal by his society and sent to the penal planet Arieki. Understandably, the AFS and certain Brann are very worried when Master Phanin and a large group of his followers seal themselves into the Phanin Research Facility. As players traverse Torden they will begin to hear rumors that Phanin possibly intends to lead the Brann in a new direction, or that he is possibly working on a dangerous, unnatural project behind those sealed doors.

Master Phanin is a Logos receptive Brann and attacks with the Decay Logos ability.

Location Edit

Area Remark Coordinates (as per /loc) Type
East/West (X) Altitude (Z) North/South (Y)
Arieki Torden Plains Phanin Research Facility Phanin's Private Quarters -107 Help -40 Help 80 Help

Missions Edit

Master Phanin is the subject of the missions:

Dialogue Edit

Kill them! They've seen too much!
It isn't fair! I only needed more time!

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