Marshes Targets of Opportunity
Stand-alone mission
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Agent Donovan
- Location: Paludos
Reward giver: Agent Donovan
- Location: Paludos
XP: 120,000
Credits: 0

Clone Credit Clone Credit

Overview Overview Edit

You can earn special ranks and commendations by taking advantage of opportunities on the battlefield. Keep an eye out for Targets of Opportunity throughout Marshes, and try to complete them all!

Objectives Objectives Edit

Complete the 8 Targets of Opportunity Edit

Acquire All Marshes Waypoints! Edit

  • Wanderer: Acquire all of the AFS Waypoints on Marshes.

Kill 300 Bane! Edit

  • Thrax Hunter: Kill 300 Bane in Marshes

Eliminate 30 Maw on Marshes Edit

Eliminate 50 Mox in Marshes Edit

Eliminate 10 Stalkers or Striders in Marshes Edit

Eliminate 9 Bosses Edit

Complete 3 Marshes Operations! Edit

Complete Marshes Missions Edit

  • Marshes Veteran: Complete all the Missions

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Agent Donovan:

Out here in Marshes, it can get pretty quiet on nights when Bane are sticking close to their base. Any soldier wants to make a name for himself out there, he's going to have to go above and beyond the call of duty, you know?
You get out there and keep your eyes and your ears open. If opportunity presents itself - go for it!

Debriefing Edit

Agent Donovan:

Wow - I'm impressed! It takes a lot of stomping around through swamp muck to really cover all the bases out here in the marsh, but you did it! Nice going!

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit


  1. Seymour - Maw (-505, 51) (-493.4, -62.9) (-488, -53) (-461, -188)[ can be different locations all are SW of Paludos base ]
  2. Daddy Long-Legs - Strider - approx (-25, 216, -467) [ SW of Bane Assertion Camp CP ]
  3. Overseer Nivvik - Thrax - (459 , 563) [ patrols from P'reo Das area ] - (484 , 443) [Idaho, Cassiopeia, April 1, 2008]
  4. Caretaker Fik - Thrax - (459 , 11): Target of A Butcher, a Baker, and a Caretaker
  5. Commander Sto - Thrax - (362 , -168): Target of A Butcher, a Baker, and a Caretaker
  6. Commander Barzak - Thrax - (490 , 413): Target of A Butcher, a Baker, and a Caretaker
  7. Overseer Vesh - Thrax - (350 , -525) [ Inside Bane Repair Station ]: Target of Production Destruction
  8. Overseer Korva - Thrax - (320 , -525) [ Inside Bane Repair Station ]: Target of Production Destruction
  9. Overseer Cast`Ka - Thrax - (125 , -364) [ patrols from Bane Assertion Camp area ]: Target of Roll out the Welcome Wagon

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