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Location type:
Battlefield (Zone)
Item0484 Planet: Foreas
Item0482 Continent: Valverde
Item0483 Zone: Marshes
Mob Levels:
Map of Marshes
Map of Marshes

Item0494 OverviewEdit

Marshes is a battlefield zone located on the Valverde continent of planet Foreas. Recommended character level is between 35 and 40.

Intel Recon Edit

AFS Intelligence indicates the Marshes area to be exactly what it sounds like, a large patch of wetlands on the Eastern edge of the continent. Some hills and cliffs dot the landscape, but the area is mostly comprised of wetlands.
The Foreans lived in a series of villages in the Marshlands P'Reo Das, but the Bane have displaced most of the Foreans who called it home. The Bane have also set up a Supply Depot here, and have planted themselves firmly in the area with the Logos Research Facility, where they carry out some kind of weapons experiments. Intel is unclear on exactly what goes on in Logos Research, but High Command is making it a top priority for the region.

Map legend instance InstancesEdit

Map legend poi Points of InterestEdit

Contact ContactsEdit

See Marshes mission list

Logos Logos ShrinesEdit

Battlefield Instances  
No known Logos in the Bane Supply Depot instance

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