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Mission sequence
Requirement: Traitors to the Cause
Follow-up: The Escapist
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Council Elder Baruhi
- Location: Memory Tree
Reward giver: Lt. Cmdr. Parsons
- Location: Wilderness
XP: 8,000
Credits: 1,200

Unknown Armor Helmet Pulsar Reflective Armor Helmet
Unknown Armor Vest Olympia Hazmat Armor Vest

Overview Edit

Kill Forean Machina and collect ten samples of their remains. Deliver the samples to Lieutenant Commander Parsons near the entrance to the Pravus Research Facility.

Objectives Edit

10 Item0310 Forean Machina Remains
  • Deliver the Machina remains.
Bring the Machina Remains to Lt. Commander Parsons at the Pravus Research entrance.

Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Council Elder Baruhi:

"These Machina creatures are made from Forean dead! You must help me find proof of this."
"Killing these creatures is a kindness, but it will also serve another purpose. You must collect samples of their remains. This will serve as the proof I speak of. If our people are to trust each other again, all must know that these creatures, these Machina, were cybernetically modified by the Bane."
"One of your own kind, the Lieutenant Commander called Parsons, waits at the entrance to the Pravus encampment. His men are preparing to assault the Bane research facility there. Bring these samples to him, that he may know the truth."

Deliver the Machina remains Edit

Lt. Cmdr. Parsons:

"What have you got for me soldier?"

Debriefing Edit

Lt. Cmdr. Parsons:

"What have ya got there? Holy shit. Those things obviously ain't your average Forean! This is the proof we been looking for!"

Walkthrough Edit

To Do

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