Low Fidelity
Mission sequence
Requirement: Spank the Xanx
Follow-up: Sonic Boom
Required Level 48
Mission giver: Major Phych
- Location: Gangus Supply Annex
Reward giver: Major Phych
- Location: Gangus Supply Annex
XP: 300,000
Credits: 9,600

Bio Armor Legs v4 Vitalius Bio Armor Legs v4
Graviton Armor Legs v4 Wellcare Graviton Armor Legs v4
Mech Armor Helmet v4 Teleract Mech Armor Helmet v4
Stealth Armor Helmet v4 Wellcare Stealth Armor Helmet v4

  • Old Rewards

Photonic Blade Vextronics Photonic Blade
Virulent Disperser ChiTech Virulent Disperser
Sonic Cannon Vitalius Sonic Cannon
Laser Pistol Vextronics Laser Pistol

Item0494 Overview Edit

Take the modified GPS Beacon and place it just outside the Gangus Supply Annex to summon a Banified Xanx. Once summoned, lead the creature into the battlefield. Return to Major Phych with your findings.

Item0490 Objective(s) Edit

  • Use the Modified GPS Beacon
Use the Modified GPS Beacon Modified GPS Beacon to summon a Xanx.
Summoned Xanx x/1
  • AFS Battle Xanx
Take the Xanx into the Battlefield

Item0454 DialoguesEdit

Briefing Edit

Major Phych:

I need you to find out if the Control Chips I modified actually work on modifying Xanx behavior.
I've modified the Control Chips you brought me and inserted them into a GPS Beacon. Once activated it'll send out two low frequency sound waves; one to summon a Xanx and the other to, hopefully, make the Xanx friendly to you. Once you've determined the Xanx is friendly, take it into the battlefield and see if it will attack anything Bane. More than likely the Bane will swarm and kill the Xanx experiment, but that's fine. I just want to see if the modifications actually work. Come back to me with your results.
Good luck.

Debriefing Edit

Major Phych:

So it worked? That's fantastic news! Now we need to get this low frequency message out on a broader scale.

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

Place the beacon at the beacon point only a small distance away (-102.4,208.8,-646.1). A friendly Xanx Slayer will arrive shortly. Then, simply walk to the next point (-150,208.8,-530.0) and you will complete the mission. Return to Major Phych.

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