The list is based on Zone lists on Torden continent (Plains, Incline, Mires and Abyss) and automatically includes information from each Logos article. The coordinates may be outdated thou.

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Torden Logos elements listEdit

Symbol Name LocX LocZ LocY Zone Comment Mission Patch Edit
Arieki Torden Plains [edit]
Add (logos) Add 168 454 742 Plains In the northwest corner of the base mission live [edit]
Container (logos) Container -858 422 -467 Plains Best approached from the east mission live [edit]
Crush (logos) Crush -111 375 -656 Plains Near the crashed Eloh ship live [edit]
Lightning (logos) Lightning -623 464 337 Plains Southwest of Mt. Hellas Outpost mission live [edit]
Looking (logos) Looking -537 431 -213 Plains Best approached from the east mission live [edit]
Or (logos) Or 907 390 40 Plains North from the Relay Station, then down a small trail live [edit]
Repair (logos) Repair 375 423 -420 Plains South of Irendas Penal Colony mission live [edit]
Was (logos) Was -95 432 128 Plains In open sight live [edit]
Was Not (logos) Was Not 1079 450 605 Plains Small alcove by the foot of the mountains live [edit]
Weak (logos) Weak 588 444 227 Plains West of Eir Post, on a small plateau in the crags mission live [edit]

Arieki Torden Incline [edit]
Clarity (logos) Clarity 1180 296 414 Incline Requires: It (logos) It , Is (logos) Is , Not (logos) Not , Time (logos) Time mission old [edit]
Create (logos) Create 692 263 -25 Incline mission old [edit]
Death (logos) Death 1180 296 385 Incline In cave connected to Brann terrorist camp.
Requires: It (logos) It , Is (logos) Is , Not (logos) Not , Time (logos) Time
mission old [edit]
Hide (logos) Hide 635 258 -68 Incline mission old [edit]
Is (logos) Is 900 270 219 Incline On an island close to shore, surrounded by lava. old [edit]
It (logos) It 202 583 596.3 Incline NW of Command Post Badlands, up in the mountains near edge of map in small glade old [edit]
Near (logos) Near -578 243 -472 Incline mission old [edit]
Not (logos) Not -903.2 295 -10.8 Incline West edge of map, go West from the constructor bot field and you'll see a path up the hill leading to two glowing pillars. Logos is up there live [edit]
Teleport (logos) Teleport 694 257 -75 Incline mission old [edit]

Arieki Torden Mires [edit]
Destruction (logos) Destruction -328 221 187 Mires mission old [edit]
Effect (logos) Effect 103 215 323 Mires mission old [edit]
Location (logos) Location -721 256 536 Mires Just outside the northern end of the tunnel mission old [edit]
Many (logos) Many -313 240 -202 Mires Inside a small Bane compound. Easiest to access from Quicksilver Post. mission old [edit]
Of (logos) Of 32 237 666 Mires Head up the path from below Condor toward the Fluxite Mines. At the top of the hill the path takes a hard right to the north... ignore it and continue west through the stone arch. The Logos is just beyond the arch guarded by (typically) 2 Bane. old [edit]
On (logos) On 430 -190 23 Mires Almost fully encircled by crags, approach from Fort Lapyx. Up bank near Lightbenders. old [edit]
Return (logos) Return -179 206 81 Mires mission old [edit]
Spirit (logos) Spirit -100 268 -400 Mires Follow the top of the ridge south from Checkpoint 17 teleporter. mission old [edit]
Will Be (logos) Will Be -339 247 -304 Mires Just south of midway between Checkpoint 17 & Quicksilver Post. High on a hillside overlooking a waterwheel. old [edit]
Will Not (logos) Will Not -403 214 -656 Mires Go straight east on the path out of Baylor Base. Pass under a rock arc and keep following it as it wraps around down the cliff face. live [edit]

Neph (logos) Neph 282 108 562/155 Bane Fluxite Mines Through a cave-in at the top right of the map old [edit]

Arieki Torden Abyss [edit]
Believe (logos) Believe -509 500 224 Abyss Beneath the passage between Tantalus Cavern and Styx Cavern. From the Styx Cavern end take an immediate sharp left and follow the passage around to (-420, 516, 224). live [edit]
Fire (logos) Fire 92 537 -413 Abyss In the south east of the Devil's Cauldron cave live [edit]
Growth (logos) Growth -315 183 -440 Abyss Jump off the cliff at -350, -540 (don't worry, you can really jump without dying). Requires Believe (logos) and Jump (logos). You may want to merely step off the cliff as opposed to leaping off at high speed so that you don't crater while you're teleporting into the room. live [edit]
Jump (logos) Jump -408 528 318 Abyss In the far northwest of the map in a cavern that opens off the route between Tantalus Cavern and Styx Cavern. Guarded by Overseer Grimor. live [edit]
Poison (logos) Poison -315 550 -136 Abyss Up the hill immediately south of the tavern live [edit]
Imbalance (logos) Imbalance 510 568 -190 Abyss Just east-south-east of Tampei settlement; carry on up the hill past the waypoint teleporter live [edit]

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