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Thunderhead Logos elements listEdit

Symbol Name LocX LocZ LocY Zone Comment Mission Patch Edit
Arieki Ligo Thunderhead [edit]
Hold (logos) Hold 800 382 -811 Thunderhead live [edit]
Ice (logos) Ice -843 390 -191 Thunderhead live [edit]
Journey (logos) Journey -583 430 -397 Thunderhead live [edit]
Night (logos) Night 425 298 59 Thunderhead live [edit]
Place (logos) Place 842 379 -74 Thunderhead live [edit]
Rebirth (logos) Rebirth -362 425 480 Thunderhead Along the ridge leading to the Quasso Station entrance forcefield amongst Xanx. live [edit]
Together (logos) Together -150 404 404 Thunderhead In the Devil's Backbone hill immediately south and a touch west of the Quasso Station entrance. Scramble up the NE face to reach. live [edit]
Which (logos) Which 291 406 389 Thunderhead live [edit]
Arieki Ligo Thunderhead - Quasso Station [edit]
Bomb (logos) Bomb -332 4 60 Quasso Station Requires: You (logos) You , Hold (logos) Hold , The (logos) The , Planet (logos) Planet , Together (logos) Together live [edit]

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