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Pools Logos elements listEdit

Symbol Name LocX LocZ LocY Zone Comment Mission Patch Edit
Foreas Valverde Pools [edit]
How (logos) How -314 873 749 Pools Accessed from a cave with an Eloh hologram immediately to the right of Retread Caves instance entrance. old [edit]
In (logos) In -887 941 527 Pools Right next to the dropship landing zone old [edit]
Lightness (logos) Lightness 312 885 380 Pools Accessible from a cave inside the Retread Outpost Control Point, entrance (275, 301).
Requires: Many (logos) Many , Will Not (logos) Will Not , Question (logos) Question , The (logos) The , Past (logos) Past
live [edit]
Nothing (logos) Nothing 92 840 378 Pools in a small deep valley just west of Retread Outpost old [edit]
Permit (logos) Permit 248 726 202 Pools In the cave by the Eloh Cave waypoint, entrance at 250, 70
Requires: If (logos) If , You (logos) You , Give (logos) Give , Choice (logos) Choice
old [edit]
Question (logos) Question -240 888 820 Pools Outside of the Retread Caves instance entrance, to the right.
Requires: Knowledge (logos) Knowledge , Will Be (logos) Will Be , Yours (logos) Yours
old [edit]
What (logos) What 893 683 179 Pools Just south of the entrance to the East Listening Post next to a stone shrine. old [edit]
When (logos) When 11 687 -492 Pools Behind a rock south of Lake Morass old [edit]
Where (logos) Where -666 748 -394 Pools In the hills west of Bane Comm Center CP old [edit]
You (logos) You -86 863 462 Pools South-east of the Retread Camp WP (not the Retread Outpost CP). Easily visible if you run up the pyramid and look down and southeast. old [edit]

Foreas Valverde Pools - Lamna Armory [edit]
Distance (logos) Distance 38 10 -16 Lamna Armory Can be reached after killing the overlord (need the keys from the three sub bosses, insert in the slots on the left of the door and press the button to unlock). mission old [edit]

Foreas Valverde Pools - Turpis Refinery [edit]
Far (logos) Far -40 -110 -224 Turpis Refinery in an unmapped cave section beyond the south-eastern end of the looping central corridor mission old [edit]

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