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Plateau Logos elements listEdit

Symbol Name LocX LocZ LocY Zone Comment Mission Patch Edit
Foreas Valverde Plateau [edit]
Before (logos) Before -592 410 161 Plateau South across the chasm from Pinnacle Watchtower. Travel from Velon Das, or through the Warnet tunnel. Watch out for Stalkers interrupting your learning. old [edit]
Choice (logos) Choice -436 403 540 Plateau On top of the hill north of Northwest AFS (CP), approach hill from the west live [edit]
Eloh (logos) Eloh -290 309 -699 Plateau Underneath the western waterfall of Maligo Creek, approach by curved trail to the west. old [edit]
Empower (logos) Empower -444 380 882 Plateau In the Mox cave, entrance at (-450,716).
Requires: The (logos) The , Choice (logos) Choice , Not (logos) Not , Yours (logos) Yours
old [edit]
If (logos) If 90 321 153 Plateau On a ledge south and below Waypoint: Trinity Bridge old [edit]
Only (logos) Only 678 464 -838 Plateau In a cave south of Septic Bog (entrace 622, 440, -823). Easy access by going south and then uphill east from Ustor Yard entrance. old [edit]
Past (logos) Past -120 327 -702 Plateau In the middle of a cave tunnel going between the western and eastern waterfalls. mission old [edit]
Strong (logos) Strong -499 319 19 Plateau Inside warnet cave along the river below Pinnacle Watchtower, entrance at (-460,130). old [edit]
The (logos) The 377 368 602 Plateau Above the New Velon village, climb the ramp just outside the south exit. live [edit]
Vortex (logos) Vortex -115.8 -482.2 -324 Plateau Inside cave along the Maligo Base moat, just below the central ramp. Entrance at (-122, 405, -392).
Requires: Eloh (logos) Eloh , Empower (logos) Empower , Only (logos) Only , The (logos) The , Strong (logos) Strong
mission live [edit]

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