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Palisades Logos elements listEdit

Symbol Name LocX LocZ LocY Zone Comment Mission Patch Edit
Foreas Concordia Palisades [edit]
Ground (logos) Ground 240 145 787 Palisades mission old [edit]
Have (logos) Have 278 139 -752 Palisades South of Devils Den: cave entrance is East of Fort Dew at 27, 164, -735 old [edit]
Honor (logos) Honor -310 140 87 Palisades Just north of the Bane bunker west of Hightower Outpost. old [edit]
Knowledge (logos) Knowledge -290 161 984 Palisades Inside a cave on the north edge of map, entrance -219, 175, 945.
Requires: Transform (logos) Transform , Man (logos) Man , Life (logos) Life
old [edit]
Man (logos) Man -180 64 -120 Palisades Inside the Waterfall Cave directly south of Hightower Outpost, enterance at -30, -5
Requires: Power (logos) Power , Control (logos) Control , Life (logos) Life
old [edit]
Planet (logos) Planet 420 110 386 Palisades It can be found located on an island in the south part of Lake Elinor. old [edit]
Through (logos) Through -404 166 635 Palisades From the waypoint at the Cumbria Research Facility, head up onto the hill. There is a small, slightly obscure, path leading up there in the rockface. mission old [edit]
Today (logos) Today -521 188 -42 Palisades SE of Walk of Giants Waypoint on a path, it has 4 lighted pillars around it. old [edit]
Tomorrow (logos) Tomorrow 834 153 -398 Palisades South of Staging Point. old [edit]
True (logos) True -423 148 -417 Palisades Located down on a small isle in Horsetail Falls. mission old [edit]
Yours (logos) Yours 683 162 -802 Palisades Getting to this Logos is tricky. You need to get all the way into the base, by the door to the Treeback Camp instance. There are two doors by the instance entrance, take the door on the left (going East). Go through the tunnel, taking the first right. That tunnel will lead to the shrine. old [edit]

Foreas Concordia Palisades - Eloh Vale [edit]
These (logos) These -200 181 -180 Eloh Vale Up on the northern hill on the west side of Eloh Vale. Easily obtained during the flare mission. live [edit]

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