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Mires Logos elements listEdit

Symbol Name LocX LocZ LocY Zone Comment Mission Patch Edit
Arieki Torden Mires [edit]
Destruction (logos) Destruction -328 221 187 Mires mission old [edit]
Effect (logos) Effect 103 215 323 Mires mission old [edit]
Location (logos) Location -721 256 536 Mires Just outside the northern end of the tunnel mission old [edit]
Many (logos) Many -313 240 -202 Mires Inside a small Bane compound. Easiest to access from Quicksilver Post. mission old [edit]
Of (logos) Of 32 237 666 Mires Head up the path from below Condor toward the Fluxite Mines. At the top of the hill the path takes a hard right to the north... ignore it and continue west through the stone arch. The Logos is just beyond the arch guarded by (typically) 2 Bane. old [edit]
On (logos) On 430 -190 23 Mires Almost fully encircled by crags, approach from Fort Lapyx. Up bank near Lightbenders. old [edit]
Return (logos) Return -179 206 81 Mires mission old [edit]
Spirit (logos) Spirit -100 268 -400 Mires Follow the top of the ridge south from Checkpoint 17 teleporter. mission old [edit]
Will Be (logos) Will Be -339 247 -304 Mires Just south of midway between Checkpoint 17 & Quicksilver Post. High on a hillside overlooking a waterwheel. old [edit]
Will Not (logos) Will Not -403 214 -656 Mires Go straight east on the path out of Baylor Base. Pass under a rock arc and keep following it as it wraps around down the cliff face. live [edit]

Arieki Torden Mires - Bane Fluxite Mines [edit]
Neph (logos) Neph 282 108 562/155 Bane Fluxite Mines Through a cave-in at the top right of the map old [edit]

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