The list is based on Category:Incline Logos and automatically includes information from each Logos article. The coordinates may be outdated thou.

If you want to update Logos list in the Incline zone and its instances feel free to do it here. To correct information about each Logos element you have to update each respective Logos element article.

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Incline Logos elements listEdit

Symbol Name LocX LocZ LocY Zone Comment Mission Patch Edit
Arieki Torden Incline [edit]
Clarity (logos) Clarity 1180 296 414 Incline Requires: It (logos) It , Is (logos) Is , Not (logos) Not , Time (logos) Time mission old [edit]
Create (logos) Create 692 263 -25 Incline mission old [edit]
Death (logos) Death 1180 296 385 Incline In cave connected to Brann terrorist camp.
Requires: It (logos) It , Is (logos) Is , Not (logos) Not , Time (logos) Time
mission old [edit]
Hide (logos) Hide 635 258 -68 Incline mission old [edit]
Is (logos) Is 900 270 219 Incline On an island close to shore, surrounded by lava. old [edit]
It (logos) It 202 583 596.3 Incline NW of Command Post Badlands, up in the mountains near edge of map in small glade old [edit]
Near (logos) Near -578 243 -472 Incline mission old [edit]
Not (logos) Not -903.2 295 -10.8 Incline West edge of map, go West from the constructor bot field and you'll see a path up the hill leading to two glowing pillars. Logos is up there live [edit]
Teleport (logos) Teleport 694 257 -75 Incline mission old [edit]

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