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Howling Maw Logos elements listEdit

Symbol Name LocX LocZ LocY Zone Comment Mission Patch Edit
Foreas Valverde Howling Maw [edit]
Child (logos) Child -1374 182 548 Howling Maw Take the right path around the ravine. In the cave, leave through the central exit. Cross the bridge. The logos is guarded by the boss Phage and several Infected Foreans. live [edit]
East (logos) East -220 214 631 Howling Maw live [edit]
Everyone's (logos) Everyone's 232 249 -493 Howling Maw Requires: Take (logos) Take , That (logos) That , Which (logos) Which , Is (logos) Is , Yours (logos) Yours live [edit]
Father (logos) Father 319 172 -1138 Howling Maw In a cave in the river on the southeast area of Howling Maw live [edit]
Few (logos) Few -470 123 -490 Howling Maw The alcove is accessed via a local teleporter inside the CP.
Requires: North (logos) North , South (logos) South , East (logos) East , West (logos) West
live [edit]
Mother (logos) Mother 868 215 410 Howling Maw Through a cave on the northeast shore of Lake Divinus. live [edit]
North (logos) North -905 239 -91 Howling Maw live [edit]
People (logos) People 56 203 -522 Howling Maw live [edit]
South (logos) South 632 238 -517 Howling Maw In a narrow ravine, guarded by miasmas (stationary) and a patrol. (avoidable) live [edit]
Take (logos) Take -1408 251 157 Howling Maw Atop a cliff on western edge of map, guarded many Warnets. live [edit]
That (logos) That -968 234 -1093 Howling Maw In a high level zone, but unguarded. Head northwest from the wormhole, and you'll find it in an opening in the cliffs. live [edit]
West (logos) West 665 162 -802 Howling Maw Southeast lake/river area of map, swim under a fallen head statue into cave to reach. live [edit]

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