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Divide Logos elements listEdit

Symbol Name LocX LocZ LocY Zone Comment Mission Patch Edit
Foreas Concordia Divide [edit]
Asleep (logos) Asleep -753 174 822 Divide North by North-East of Northwestern Highlands Waypoint old [edit]
Awake (logos) Awake -134 49 534 Divide Enter the teleporter at -42, 116, 435, and then enter another teleporter at -97, 53, 480. You must complete the mission "Keymaster of Torcastra" before you can use the second telporter. old [edit]
Backward (logos) Backward 290 100 -505 Divide Above the ruined village mission old [edit]
Defend (logos) Defend 106 138 691 Divide West off the path from Foreas Base to Thoria Das mission old [edit]
Enlighten (logos) Enlighten 621 82 -13 Divide Northeast of the ruined tower live [edit]
Friend (logos) Friend -763 146 355 Divide At the end of the road mission old [edit]
Give (logos) Give 746 98 -4 Divide Located within the upper part of the Xanx cave at (695,89,57) mission old [edit]
Increase (logos) Increase -961 128 -623 Divide West of Purgas Control Point mission old [edit]
Life (logos) Life -766 182 525 Divide Cross gorge using fallen tree from -696 150 410 then climb the slope. mission old [edit]
Negative (logos) Negative 184 121 138 Divide North of Foxtrot Outpost mission old [edit]
Now (logos) Now 515 89 764 Divide In the Xanx valley old [edit]
Speed (logos) Speed 141 142 412 Divide Uphill just north of the passage to Foreas Base (from 225,368; the hill is North West) old [edit]
Star (logos) Star 3 116 771 Divide Behind Foreas Base, near the wormhole. old [edit]
Summon (logos) Summon 870 156 526 Divide Inside cave at the top of the ruins
Requires: Friend (logos) Friend , Star (logos) Star , Life (logos) Life , Enlighten (logos) Enlighten , Here (logos) Here
mission old [edit]
Transform (logos) Transform -475 141 583 Divide Directly North of Nidu Dav village, in a small pond mission old [edit]
Victory (logos) Victory -797 122 445 Divide Inside a cave, entrance by the river at (-790, 118, 555).
Requires: Enhance (logos) Enhance , Power (logos) Power , Transform (logos) Transform , Attack (logos) Attack , Enemy (logos) Enemy
old [edit]
War (logos) War 358 87 594 Divide Requires: Area (logos) Area , Attack (logos) Attack , Damage (logos) Damage , Increase (logos) Increase , Here (logos) Here old [edit]

Foreas Concordia Divide - Minos Caverns [edit]
Those (logos) Those 26 -33 -51 Minos Caverns In the Minos Caverns, in the pool just to the left and back of Recon Officer Tyler old [edit]

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