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Descent Logos elements listEdit

Symbol Name LocX LocZ LocY Zone Comment Mission Patch Edit
Foreas Valverde Descent [edit]
Coming (logos) Coming -357 623 -66 Descent Up a small rock incline north of Camp Cato. live [edit]
Others' (logos) Others' 603 366 -106 Descent In a small alcove in a southeast corner of Mal Dys. live [edit]
Phi (logos) Phi 24 459 570 Descent It is probably easiest to drop down from the cliff east of the Phantom Perch waypoint. It is also accessible by ascending a short ramp outside the western exit of the Antaeus Hollow waypoint. live [edit]
Signs (logos) Signs 385 320 Descent live [edit]
There (logos) There 300 610 Descent live [edit]
Winter (logos) Winter -657 671 187 Descent In a secluded overlook west-northwest of the Virgil's Resonator Control Point. It is only accessible by dropping down from the ramp outside this CP. live [edit]

Foreas Valverde Descent - Outpost Inferno [edit]
Open (logos) Open 550 3 -248 Outpost Inferno Once almost through the instance, there will be an Eloh door (no req). Beyond is a fork with another door and a dead end. The logos is found on the DEAD END path. The door (no req. again) contains an Eloh reliquary (chest). live [edit]
Foreas Valverde Descent - Sanctus Grotto [edit]
Function (logos) Function 256 171 -285 Sanctus Grotto There is a unique Eloh symbol puzzle lock during the mission to gain access to this logos. mission live [edit]

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