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Crucible Logos elements listEdit

Symbol Name LocX LocZ LocY Zone Comment Mission Patch Edit
Arieki Ligo Crucible [edit]
Because (logos) Because 787 152 169 Crucible From the north west exit of Outpost Intrepid (by Lieutenant Sherer) follow the path around to the left live [edit]
Blind (logos) Blind -268 181 228 Crucible The logos is found in through the south passage on the lowest level of the Staal Detention Center. live [edit]
But (logos) But 52 221 152 Crucible At the end of the path across the bridge from Prometheus Outpost, overlooking the large lava lake to the east of Staal live [edit]
Everyone (logos) Everyone -289 248 -4 Crucible In a small cave. live [edit]
Love (logos) Love 600 181 -236 Crucible Through an eastern tunnel in Khulago Base.
Requires: Good (logos) Good , Is (logos) Is , Asleep (logos) Asleep , In (logos) In , Neph (logos) Neph
live [edit]
Pick Up (logos) Pick Up 782 171 762 Crucible In the rubble to the north of Fort Intrepid Ruins outside the main wall live [edit]
Plant (logos) Plant -255 251 581 Crucible live [edit]
Seeds (logos) Seeds -742 298 439 Crucible On a small bluff with two connecting stone arches. live [edit]
Submit (logos) Submit 32 233 -2 Crucible This Logos is protected by two Eloh doors. These doors are in about the center of a cave just south of the top entrance of Staal. (32,232,40)
Requires: Everyone (logos) Everyone , Plant (logos) Plant , Seeds (logos) Seeds , Of (logos) Of , Evil (logos) Evil
and Logos (logos) Logos , Is (logos) Is , How (logos) How , Everyone (logos) Everyone , Transform (logos) Transform
live [edit]
Weave (logos) Weave 481 167 208 Crucible Fun fact: The Logos is not properly shown above the pad. (Read: This may no longer be the same logos.) live [edit]

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