The list is based on Category:Ashen Desert Logos and automatically includes information from each Logos article. The coordinates may be outdated thou.

If you want to update Logos list in the Ashen Desert zone and its instances feel free to do it here. To correct information about each Logos element you have to update each respective Logos element article.

Note: You may have to purge this page to see changes after updating the Logos articles.

Ashen Desert Logos elements listEdit

Symbol Name LocX LocZ LocY Zone Comment Mission Patch Edit
Arieki Ligo Ashen Desert [edit]
And - With (logos) And / With -577 345 611 Ashen Desert live [edit]
At (logos) At -343 338 694 Ashen Desert live [edit]
Immortality (logos) Immortality 618 335 -33 Ashen Desert Up a rock incline near the Bane missile silos. Easy to spot. live [edit]
Lost (logos) Lost -101 334 22 Ashen Desert On a hill overlooking Sheitan Embankment Bane base from the south. live [edit]
Ours (logos) Ours -212 302 507 Ashen Desert live [edit]
Arieki Ligo Ashen Desert - Bane Conscription Facility [edit]
Dominate (logos) Dominate -113 114 -602 Bane Conscription Facility Cave entrance -126,145,-537 live [edit]

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