The list is based on Category:Abyss Logos and automatically includes information from each Logos article. The coordinates may be outdated thou.

If you want to update Logos list in the Abyss zone and its instances feel free to do it here. To correct information about each Logos element you have to update each respective Logos element article.

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Abyss Logos elements listEdit

Symbol Name LocX LocZ LocY Zone Comment Mission Patch Edit
Arieki Torden Abyss [edit]
Believe (logos) Believe -509 500 224 Abyss Beneath the passage between Tantalus Cavern and Styx Cavern. From the Styx Cavern end take an immediate sharp left and follow the passage around to (-420, 516, 224). live [edit]
Fire (logos) Fire 92 537 -413 Abyss In the south east of the Devil's Cauldron cave live [edit]
Growth (logos) Growth -315 183 -440 Abyss Jump off the cliff at -350, -540 (don't worry, you can really jump without dying). Requires Believe (logos) and Jump (logos). You may want to merely step off the cliff as opposed to leaping off at high speed so that you don't crater while you're teleporting into the room. live [edit]
Jump (logos) Jump -408 528 318 Abyss In the far northwest of the map in a cavern that opens off the route between Tantalus Cavern and Styx Cavern. Guarded by Overseer Grimor. live [edit]
Poison (logos) Poison -315 550 -136 Abyss Up the hill immediately south of the tavern live [edit]
Imbalance (logos) Imbalance 510 568 -190 Abyss Just east-south-east of Tampei settlement; carry on up the hill past the waypoint teleporter live [edit]

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