Logos: Target
Stand-alone mission
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Receptive Liaison Standley
- Location: Twin Pillars
Reward giver: Receptive Liaison Standley
- Location: Twin Pillars
XP: 4500
Credits: 800

Target (logos) Target

Overview Overview Edit

Retrieve the Logos Information - Target.

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Acquire Logos Information: Target

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Receptive Liaison Standley:

"Get the Logos information known as "Target."

Debriefing Edit

Receptive Liaison Standley:

"I see you have found your ... Target."

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

Go to Ranja Gorge. Follow the stream, up river, to Enigma Falls. Behind Enigma Falls is Enigma Cavern. Use the fire pit to open the door. Jump down into the water, then find the path in the middle, and follow it up till you find the Logos Shrine. Acquire Logos: Target. Leave the shrine and turn right. Follow the path to the hole in the floor. Jump down, and go straight to the door. Use the fire pit to open it, and leave.

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