Logos: Friend
Stand-alone mission
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Receptive Liaison Brice
- Location: Nidu Dav
Reward giver: Receptive Liaison Brice
- Location: Nidu Dav
XP: 6000
Credits: 1200

Friend (logos) Friend

Overview Overview Edit

Retrieve the Logos Information - Friend.

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Acquire Logos Information: Friend

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Receptive Liaison Brice:

"Living amongst the Foreans has tought me the power of Friendship. The Logos terminal for 'Friend' is nearby. Acquire this knowledge."

Debriefing Edit

Receptive Liaison Brice:

"You have done well."

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

See Friend (logos) for shrine location.

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