Logos: Enhance
Stand-alone mission
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Receptive Liaison Langerman
- Location: Alia Das
Reward giver: Receptive Liaison Langerman
- Location: Alia Das
XP: 2,500
Credits: 1,500

Enhance (logos) Enhance

Overview Edit

Objectives Edit

Acquire Logos Information: Enhance Edit

Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Receptive Liaison Langerman:

"Listen to me carefully, soldier."
"I am Receptive Liaison Langerman. I's my job to ensure you are on the right path, acquiring the tools you need to develop the power of Logos. AFS High Command has charted locations of known Logos terminals similar to the one found in Luna Cavern. Its important to note that the locals call these terminals "shrines". I will give the locations to you when I feel you are ready."
"Your first task is to acquire the knowledge of 'Enhance'. You will want to speak with Commander Rogers as he too has uses for you. His task will place you in the immediate vicinity of this objective."
"Good luck."

Debriefing Edit

Receptive Liaison Langerman:

"Nice job, soldier."

Walkthrough Edit

In the cave NE of Alia Das there is a hole in the floor in the 1st half of the cave. Drop down. After walking down one side there will be 3 bane waiting. Once you get near the Logos shrine there will be 3 more. Both groups are 2 trainees and 1 soldier. Logos is through a portal. There is another drop down to get you back to the first cave. Note, also go to the end of the first cave level to get credit for the explore the caves quest.

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