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Idle This article contains historical content. It may be a mission that was removed, a location that disappeared off the face of the planet, or a gameplay mechanic that was replaced with something else. Editing the article should be limited to clarifying the historical aspects.
  This mission has been replaced with three individual missions: Logos: Attack, Logos: Here and Logos: Target

Logos: Attack, Target, Here
Mission sequence
Requirement: Receptive Reception
Follow-up: Unknown
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Logos Mentor Ensine
- Location: Alia Das
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
XP: 7500
Credits: none

Attack Attack Target Target Here Here

Briefing Edit

Retrieve the Logos Information — Attack southeast of the Memory Tree, Target is in a cave behind a waterfall, deep within the Ranja Gorge, and Here is in a cave not far from the Corman encampment.


Attack Attack
Target Target
Here Here



Logos Mentor Ensine:

Seek the Logos information known as "Attack," "Target," "Here".
The benefactors were no stranger to the necessity of combat. As such, there are four Logos Shrines you must link in order to learn the Information that will help you in battle against the Bane.
The first is Attack. You may find the Logos Shrine — Attack southeast of the Memory Tree, along the cliffs.
Logos Shrine — Target you'll find within a cave behind a waterfall, deep within the Ranja Gorge.
Next, you will find Logos Shrine — Here in a cave not too far from the Corman encampment.
Gather these four and then return to me.


Logos Mentor Ensine:

Excellent. You've learned a lot, human, but there is still much more.


  • The Logos Shrine — Here is at (-829.0, 248.0, 764.0). It's at the bottom of a cave north of Daghda's Urn Village in the far northwest corner of the map. Although Ensine says that it is near the Corman encampment (presumably in the Ranja Gorge), it is actually very far away from the Cormans. UPDATE: The Here Logos is still in this same cave in Daghda's Urn Village HOWEVER the most recent patch changed it to require 3 seperate Logos in order to open the door to Here. You'll need Mind Heal and Power to open it and to open you use the Crystal NEAREST to you. If you need to find Mind and Heal consult the other sections. UPDATE: There is some sort of error with Wilderness 1 and the Here Logos. If you enter the Logos Shrine but there is no glyph present for the Here Logos you need to teleport to a different Wilderness zone. I teleported to Wilderness 2 and when I did the glyph for Here showed up and I could activate it.
  • The Logos Shrine — Attack is at (41.0, 189.0, -332.5). Of the three, it's the easiest to access.
  • The Logos Shrine — Target is at (-906.5, 188.0, -649.5). It is at the extreme southwest part of the map, in a cave at the end of the river that runs through teh Ranja Gorge. To get inside the cave, light the Forean fire pit outside the entrance close to the door. (Walk up to it and press the [T] key.)

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