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Type: Biological
Weak To: Physical Physical
Resists: none
Immune To: Electric Electric


Linkers are a powerful weapon in the Bane arsenal. Spotted most often in trios, the Linkers have the unique ability to absorb all types of damage thrown at them, and like a Shield Drone reflect it back at the attacker in a 1:1 ratio of damage per reflection. At the end of this absorption, the Linker will fire a generally low damage beam (??? is the damage on this attack also based on how much damage was absorbed during the "charging" process?) that will jump to any players and NPCs standing close enough together, healing the Linker a small amount. While the beam itself does not usually cause a significant amoutn of damage, standing near a linker while he is charging can inflict a large amount of damage onto you. You can avoid this however by staying away from charging linkers who can be easily identified by the large (usually orange) force field that emits around them. Linkers do not turn once they have begun to charge and so you can also dodge their attack by moving behind them.

After this attack Linkers are extremely vulnerable to attack, as they recover from the expenditure of energy. Linkers also have secondary attack that is similar to the linking attack, but requires no absorption phase to discharge, and does not reflect energy.

Finally linkers can increase others linkers near them (establishing a link between them, that's why they are called linker). DescriptionEdit

Physical TraitsEdit

Linkers, which are members of the Thrax species, are slightly smaller than a Thrax soldier with a more slender build.

Damage TypeEdit


Weapons UsedEdit

None, though they are highly aggressive and will inflict as much damage as possible as quickly as possible using their knowledge of logos.

Special AttacksEdit

Linkers are able to use limited Logos abilities against their opponents. They are also able to “link” this power with other Linkers and generate a devastating energy attack.




Linkers are vulnerable to physical attack due to their lack of armor, though their use of logos affords them some shielding.

Emp weapons and emp bombs are the most effective.

Attack RangeEdit

Short to Mid Range


The Bane fear the power of the linkers and therefore limit their groups to no more than 3 to 5 in any given location. They can be found anywhere where there is a strong bane presence

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