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Idle This article contains historical content. It may be a mission that was removed, a location that disappeared off the face of the planet, or a gameplay mechanic that was replaced with something else. Editing the article should be limited to clarifying the historical aspects.
  This ability was removed in version, generally replaced by Reconstruction


Lifeforce Funnel
Lifeforce Funnel
Class: Biotechnician Biotechnician
Tier: 3
Logos Required
Area (logos) Area
Give (logos) Give
Heal (logos) Heal
Lifeforce Funnel is an ability of the Biotechnician class.
"Utilize Logos to create a self-sustaining energy siphon that concentrates restorative energies from the environment into a field that heals the wounds of you and nearby allies."

Lifeforce Funnel, is a AOE heal centered around you.



Skill level I II III IV V
Healing: Low Medium Medium-High Very High Extreme
Radius: 12m 18m 24m 30m 40m
Power cost: 50 60 70 80 100

Beta NotesEdit

This ability currently is only a one time heal its does not do healing over time (HOT), as it says it should.

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