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Idle This article contains historical content. It may be a mission that was removed, a location that disappeared off the face of the planet, or a gameplay mechanic that was replaced with something else. Editing the article should be limited to clarifying the historical aspects.
  This mission has been removed from the game

Life of the Party
Mission sequence
Requirement: Receptive Reception
Follow-up: Forming Alliances
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Outpost Commander Rogers
- Location: Alia Das
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
XP:  ?
Credits:  ?



Speak with Outpost Commander Rogers to receive the mission. He will send you to Coucil Elder Maowi, who sends you on a patrol around the village.


  • Speak to Elder Moawi
  • Proceed to Checkpoint 1
  • Proceed to Checkpoint 2
  • Proceed to Checkpoint 3
  • Proceed to Checkpoint 4
  • Return to Elder Moawi



Outpost Commander Rogers:

The Foreans are now part of the AFS, but that doesn't mean they trust us. With your help, we might be able to change that.
The closest thing Alia Das has to a leader is Coucil Elder Moawi. He's been sending his rangers out on regular patrols to secure the village perimeter, and so far they've managed to hold the line. Trouble is, Crusty's getting braver by the minute, and the Forries have been taking heavy casualties. They just don't have the manpower to continue without our help.
Even if Moawi doesn't trust us, he's running out of options and he needs our help. There's a patrol heading out soon. Go talk to Moawi and offer to join them.

Council Elder Moawi:

You wish to join the next patrol? Be warned. It is a very dangerous route. Then enemy is everywhere.
Very well. I am uploading the patrol coordinates to your datapad. When you reach each coordinate, the global positioning system will update your progress and reveal the next coordinate you must reach.
I will send three of my finest Rangers with you, but you will serve as their leader. They will give their lives for yours, if need be. I would expect you to honor them in the same manner.


Council Elder Moawi:

Mission CompletionEdit

Council Elder Moawi:

When the Great Council voted to join your Alliance, I was most skeptical. Perhaps my reluctance was ill advised. You have proved yourself to be brave and trustworthy, but you are not 'friend of the tribe' as yet.
Still, you have my gratitude. Please accept a token of my esteem for your assistance.


Council Elder Moawi is in the village near the AFS camp. This is a simple patrol -- follow your mission indicator for each checkpoint. There is a dirt path in the wilderness, with holographic road signs pointing to each mini-area.


{{bug|This mission is bugged -- Checkpoint Four will clear, but the objective to return to the Council Elder will not appear. Speaking to him will not clear the mission. Abandon the mission, and return to Outpost Commander Rogers to receive the mission again. There are several approaches to completing this mission, including waiting for the NPCs, ignoring the NPCs, fighting Bane, ignoring Bane, and sprinting through the checkpoints.}}


Checkpoint 4 is small tower with a fire on top,use f key to turn off fire ,this appeared to let me finish the misson.

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