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Lamna Armory
Location type:
Instance (Zone)
Item0484 Planet: Foreas
Item0482 Continent: Valverde
Item0483 Zone: Pools
Item0481 Instance: Lamna Armory
Mob Levels:
Map of Lamna Armory
Map of Lamna Armory

Item0494 Overview Edit

Lamna Armory is an instance in the Pools zone of Valverde on Foreas.

Lamna Armory is a primary weapons manufacturing facility for the Bane. Missiles used against AFS targets are created and fired from here at a dizzying pace. It is also here that many prototypes are designed and tested. Naturally, the AFS would like to bring it all to a screeching halt. Receptives particularly want access to Lamna Armory. Their talks with Vogren's Hologram have revealed that a key Logos shrine resides here.

The easiest access to Lamna Armory for AFS personnel is via the South Listening Post. From that point, go slightly north to find the river, and follow it west to a lake. The entry to Lamna Armory is just above the northwest corner of the lake, guarded by two Bane cannons. There are also multiple missile launchers that can be destroyed (but these apparently do not target the player's character). There is a medical vendor within.

Logos Logos ShrinesEdit

Contact ContactsEdit

Mission MissionsEdit

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

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