This article contains outdated content. A recent (or upcoming) update changed significant parts of the content described here. Readers are encouraged to be careful and, if possible, update the outdated sections.

The diagram at the bottom of the page is outdated, but remains mostly correct; some bindings may have changed or may be obsolete. Also note that the diagram is based on the FPS Style Control Scheme.



Key bindings are the layout of the keyboard shortcuts used in-game to preform actions such as reloading or using an item. Your key bindings can be viewed and edited on the key bindings window (default key: O, then click the Key Bindings tab).

Default bindingsEdit

The key bindings displayed below are those used by default in the FPS Style scheme. See the Control Scheme for differences when using the MMO Style scheme. [blank] indicates that this function is not bound by default.

Control SchemesEdit

Main article: Control Scheme

Control Schemes are key and interface layouts which allow for different modes of gameplay. These schemes can be selected through the key binding window (default key: O, then click the Key Binding tab).


  • Move Forward: W
  • Move Backward: S
  • Move Left: A
  • Move Right D
  • Turn Left: [blank]
  • Turn Right: [blank]
  • Look Up: [blank]
  • Look Down: [blank]
  • Jump: Space: [blank]
  • Crouch: C: [blank]
  • Toggle Run: Z
  • Auto-Run: X


  • Fire Weapon: Mouse Button 1
  • Do Ability: Mouse Button 2
  • Use: T
  • Melee: F
  • Reload: R
  • Lock Target: Tab
  • Holster Weapon/Tool: H
  • Toggle Zoom: Mouse Button 3
  • Move Camera In: Mouse Wheel Up
  • Move Camera Out: Mouse Wheel Down
  • Next Weapon/Tool: Q
  • Previous Weapon/Tool: Shift-Q
  • Next Ability: E
  • Previous Ability: Shift-E
  • Weapon/Tool Slot 1: 1
  • Weapon/Tool Slot 2: 2
  • Weapon/Tool Slot 3: 3
  • Weapon/Tool Slot 4: 4
  • Weapon/Tool Slot 5: 5
  • Next Ability Loadout: [blank]
  • Previous Ability Loadout: [blank]
  • Ability Slot 1: 6
  • Ability Slot 2: 7
  • Ability Slot 3: 8
  • Ability Slot 4: 9
  • Ability Slot 5: 0
  • Ability Loadout 1: Shift-1
  • Ability Loadout 2: Shift-2
  • Ability Loadout 3: Shift-3
  • Ability Loadout 4: Shift-4
  • Ability Loadout 5: Shift-5

User InterfaceEdit

  • Toggle Mouse Look: `
  • Display Radial Menu: Ctrl
  • Attributes: P
  • Skills/Abilities: K
  • Logos Tablet: J
  • Backback: B
  • Mission Log: L
  • Map: M
  • Options: O
  • Toggle User Interface: Ctrl-U
  • Push-To-Talk (Voice Chat): V
  • Exit Game: Ctrl-Q
  • Social Window: N
  • Toggle Radar: Backspace
  • Radar Zoom In: =
  • Radar Zoom Out: -
  • Toggle Tracker: F1
  • Show Mission Tracker: F2
  • Show Wargame Tracker: F3
  • Show Performance Tracker: F4


Key mapping

Keyboard diagram of most standard default mapped keys.

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