Key Information
Mission sequence
Requirement: Unexpected Guests
Just to be Certain
Follow-up: Security Threat
Proof of Collusion
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Surveyor Miras
- Location: Research Outpost Alpha
Reward giver: Engineer Tralos
- Location: Irendas Penal Colony
XP: 25000
Credits: 3750

Virulent Leech Gun Vextronics Virulent Leech Gun
Unknown Armor Legs Olympia Reflective Armor Legs
Unknown Armor Legs Voltrox Motor Assist Armor Legs

Overview Edit

Deliver Miras' Message to Engineer Tralos in Irendas Colony so that he can help you infiltrate Phanin Research Facility.

Objectives Edit

Deliver Miras' message to Tralos Edit

Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Surveyor Miras:

Give this to my brother Tralos. It will help you find and destroy Phanin.
I understand it all now. Phanin intends to sell us out to the Bane. I should have known.
Kranix, Reshi, and I will finish cleaning up here and delete everything we can from these systems to make sure they can not be used again.
When you deliver this package to my brother he will know what has happened here. He will help you gain entrance into Phanin's research facility. If we act now, we can stop this madman.

Deliver Miras' message to Tralos Edit

Engineer Tralos:


Debriefing Edit

Engineer Tralos:

Miras has explained everything in his message.
He has provided me an Authorization Keycard, which you can use to gain entry to the Phanin Research Facility. Miras promises that some contacts inside the facility will make sure that you can bypass security just long enough to get inside.
I will begin telling everyone about what Miras has told me. I still disagree with Erodan's philosophy, but this time he was right about Phanin.

Walkthrough Edit

Slam dunk mission. Complete all the Atta Hive instance missions, then head back to Irenas Prison to turn in this one. You will be given a Phalen lab mission as a second part of the chain.

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