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Type: Biological
Weak To: none
Resists: Sonic Sonic
Immune To: Physical Physical
Fire Fire


Kael 1

Kael's Ground Pound

Kael 2

Armored Kael

Kael are the physical muscle of the Bane forces. Their heavy damage sweeping arm strikes, ground pounding knockback attack, high resistances, and significant amount of health can kink up even the best laid attacks. Aside from being completely immune to fire and physical damage, their high number of resistances makes them quite difficult to kill. Sonic damage weapons are your best bet against them.

Kael can be found in armored and unarmored varieties, but their general shape and bulk makes them unmistakable on the battlefield.


Kael are slow and can generally be run around while you kill the other enemies before focusing on them. These are especially dangerous to NPCs, as they are not smart enough to run away and kill them at a distance, usually resulting in feeble attempts to kill them with melee attaacks (which, of course, being physical damage, do absolutely nothing but give them time to ground pound). Their slow gait and melee-only attacks are their greatest weakness, so running onto a tall place (or just running backwards in place while firing) is usually enough to kill most of them. DescriptionEdit

Physical TraitsEdit

Kael are around 11 feet tall normally, but with the hunch are closer to 9 feet, with massive bodies.

Damage TypeEdit


Weapons UsedEdit

Kael do not use weapons, instead they attack using their powerful arms and fists.

Special AttacksEdit

Kael have a ground pound that knocks down players and damages them.


Kael are heavily armored as well as massively muscular and dense.


Kael can withstand a large amount of damage. Weaknesses are still under investigation. It is confirmed that Kael are immune to physical damage. All seem to take Electrical damage.

Attack RangeEdit



A Single Kael is often found among Thrax soldiers, though reports have stated that up to 2 or 3 may be found in a given area.

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