Itching Powder
Stand-alone mission
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Colonel Franks
- Location: Mount Hellas Outpost
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
XP: 46000
Credits: 4600

Teleract Graviton Armor Helmet OR Wellcare Hazmat Armor Legs
OR Vextronics Electric Rifle

Overview Edit

Take the two canisters of Barb Tick Extract and release their contents at the homing beacon markers within the Bane mining facility due south of Mt. Hellas. After placing the extract, place detonators on the two generators.

Objectives Edit

Release Barb Tick Extract 1 Edit

Release Barb Tick Extract 2 Edit

Place Detonator 1 Edit

Place a detonator on the Bane generator and destroy it.

Place Detonator 1 Edit

Place the second detonator on the second Bane generator and destroy it.

Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Colonel Franks:

Time to let the barb ticks cause a distraction so you can blow up the Bane mining facility's generators.
Since barb ticks are basically the fleas of Arieki, they can be found everywhere. And like fleas, they're mean little bastards that love to bite anything they can get their mandibles on. So with this in mind, I want you to take two canisters of barb tick extract and place them in strategic places within that mining facility. Releasing the extract will bring in a bunch of horny barb ticks hoping to score, however, they'll turn their frustrations on the Bane in the facility, instead. It'll take months for the Bane to clean out their machinery of those little devils. Normally you'd be a target as well, but Slappy put in a mutator of some sort that makes humans invisible to the barb ticks within a certain radius of the initial extract release.
Now, once you released the extract canisters, I want you to put detonators on the two Bane generators and blow them to hell. Hopefully the barb ticks will present enough of a distraction to let you do your primary job unscathed.
Awright, you have your orders, go out there and throw some itching powder in their beds. And enjoy the show, soldier.

Debriefing Edit

Colonel Franks:

Ha, ha, ha! Man, I wish I was there to see the Crusties running around trying to stomp out those barb ticks. That should put a damper on their operations for a while.

Walkthrough Edit

The Barb Extracts are placed at the red staff markers - just target and 't' them. If the GPS marker is already present, it means someone else placed it recently. Just wait a few minutes and it'll turn red again.

You do not need to place the markers before placing the detonators, but you do need to do both in some order to complete the mission.

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