Irendas Penal Colony
Location type:
Item0484 Planet: Arieki
Item0482 Continent: Torden
Item0483 Zone: Plains
Mob Levels:
Map of Irendas Penal Colony
Map of Irendas Penal Colony

Irendas Colony is a massive base which drills down several floors deep to link several additional ares. The underground network of hallways go to everything from the Phanin Research Center instance to the Hospital. Above ground is armor and weapons vendors along with a zone teleporter and two wormholes. The base itself is crawling with guards and AFS mechs. Right outside north of the base is a front line defense that is under continuous attack from Striders, Stalkers, Predators, and Thrax Infantry.

TR (42)

Irendas Colony from inside



Base/Mission NPCsEdit

  • Agent Zim
  • Captain Reyko
  • Colonel Whitaker
  • Dr. Finobee
  • General Creelig
  • Greloran
  • Lieutenant Commander Michan
  • Major Silvia
  • Master Salvager Miru
  • Mooch
  • Researcher Erodan
  • Senior Quartermaster Hacienda
  • Sergeant Conyers
  • Xenori


  • Field Gunner
  • Infantryman
  • Injection Gunner
  • Machine Gunner
  • Rocket Gunner
  • Rifleman
  • Shotgunner


  • Biotechnician Trainer Gray
  • Ranger Trainer Dervitch
  • Commando Trainer Agnew
  • Ranger Trainer McCloud


  • Armor Vendor [Armor]
  • Clan Registrar Saint-Pierre [Clan Registration]
  • Crafting Vendor [Crafting]
  • Medical Vendor [Medical]
  • Weapons Quardermaster [Weapons]



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