Incriminating Evidence
Mission sequence
Requirement: Interception
Follow-up: Incriminating Delivery
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Xenori
- Location: Irendas Penal Colony
Reward giver: Lieutenant Liu
- Location: Irendas Penal Colony
XP: 23000
Credits: 3450

Unknown Armor Helmet Hellstrom Mech Armor Helmet OR
Pulse RPG Launcher Vextronics Pulse RPG Launcher OR
Unknown Armor Boots Vitalius Mech Armor Boots

Overview Overview Edit

Objectives Objectives Edit

Speak to Lt. LiuEdit

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit


"I need you to go see Lt. Liu and speak to her about some vital information."
"I understand you're someone who I can trust. Don't look surprised, word gets around about who's allied with whom. For example, I know you gave a copy of the Relay Station Operations Transcripts to Jaru... Oh, don't worry, I'm not allied with Colonel Whitaker. In fact, it's because of what you did that I've been instructed to give you another mission to help expost Whitaker for the traitorous barb tick he is.
"Colonel Franks has a collegue who works the medical facility to the northeast of here. Her name is Lieutenant Liu. Go to her and give her the message of, "The Arieki air burns my lungs and tarnishes my eyes." She'll know that you're working for Colonel Franks of Hella Outpost (sic) and give you a data disc containing incriminating evidence against Whitaker. She'll instruct you as to what you need to do next."
"Good luck and don't let anyone know what you're up to. Secrecy is imperative, especially in order to maintain the fragile alliance between your people and mine."

Speak to Lt. Liu Edit

Lieutenant Liu:

"So you know the secret catch-phrase of the day - fine. I sure hope you're as good as I've been hearing."

Debriefing Edit

Lieutenant Liu:

"If either of us get caught by Whitaker's lackies, we're humped for sure."

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

You can only take this mission is you chose the "Allow Lt. Jaru to copy the data" option for mission Interception.

Xenori is at the western end of the underground tunnels, on the floor below the hospital.

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