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Mission sequence
Requirement: Giant Killer
Follow-up: Canyon Sweep (during mission)
Blueprint For Victory (during mission)
Toxic Detox (during mission)
Required Level 32 (possibly less)
Mission giver: Colonel Bosley
- Location: AFS Camp Resistance
Reward giver: Colonel Bosley
- Location: AFS Camp Resistance
XP: 100,000
Credits: 6,600

Laser Chaingun Shinobi Laser Chaingun
Electric Net Gun Teleract Electric Net Gun
Laser Pistol Shinobi Laser Pistol
Endothermic Polarity Gun Shinobi Endothermic Polarity Gun

Overview Overview Edit

Locate Alpha Squad Commander Carville, Beta Squad Commander Petrie and Delta Squad Commander Locke and deliver a Modified AFS Communicator to each officer. The Commanders and their Recon Squads are on patrol in Martyr's Canyon, the chasm directly behind Maligo Base. When you have delivered all three, return to Colonel Bosley at Camp Resistance.

Bug Bug! The mission refers to Carville, but the actual NPC is called Carvelle

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Deliver a comm unit to Carville.
Deliver a Modified AFS Communicator to Alpha Squad Commander Carville.
  • Deliver a comm unit to Petrie.
Deliver a Modified AFS Communicator to Beta Squad Commander Petrie.
  • Deliver a comm unit to Locke.
Deliver a Modified AFS Communicator to Delta Squad Commander Locke.

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Colonel Bosley:

Sweet Mother Malarky! Now the Crusties are jamming our communications!
General Bailey assigned three Recon Squads to scout the canyons behind Maligo base. We lost touch with all three squads a few hours ago. The Bane are broadcasting a new type of jamming pulse that's blocking their communication. These guys are deep inside enemy territory and can't afford to be incommunicado for very long.
Commander Carville is heading up Alpha Squad, Commander Petrie is the CO of Beta Squad, and Commander Locke runs Delta Squad. High Command sent over these modified squawk boxes. I need you to locate the squads and give one of them to each of the COs.

Deliver a comm unit to Carville. Edit

Alpha Squad Commander Carvelle:

Yeah, we been out touch with base for awhile now. You're a lifesaver, trooper. When you get back to Camp Resistance, tell Bosley I owe him a cigar!

Deliver a comm unit to Petrie. Edit

Beta Squad Commander Petrie:

Yeah, the Bane have been jamming us for hours. Good to be back in touch!

Deliver a comm unit to Locke. Edit

Delta Squad Commander Locke:

I can't believe you made it all the way out here! These Elite Patrols are like rabid dogs.

Thanks for the new comm unit. It's a relief to be back in touch with High Command!

Debriefing Edit

Colonel Bosley:

Holy hallelujah, and pass the ammunition! They're all still kicking, are they? That's good news, soldier. Very good news. They're some of the Allied's finest.
You showed a lot of guts heading out there. I'll see to it this is put in your permanent record. Just outstanding!

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

Follow the path across the creek from AFS Camp Resistance then down the mountain into Maligo Creek. Squad Alpha is just up the hill. Continue up the mountain path; Squad Beta is just before the zone to Pools. Continue on the mountain path and then jump down to rendezvous with Squad Delta.

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