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Hominis Machina
A Hominis Machina
Type: Hybrid, (Hackable)
Weak To: Sonic Sonic
Resists: none
Immune To: Electric Electric


The Hominis Machina is the result of the Bane's defiling efforts on fallen AFS soldiers and civilians. Attached to their brains and limbs are devices that control their actions. Completely unrecognizable from their previous state, the Bane direct them to fight against their former comrades. Though used like cannon fodders, they can put out a decent amount of damage when in groups. They have a slow but powerful weapons. They also walk slowly, so it's easy to avoid them if you run.

During beta their weapons had a knockback effect. It has been removed since release, however.

Officers, Overseers & Other Notable PersonnelEdit

This list aims to maintain a list of Hominis Machina indivdiuals (or groups) that are classified as "notable".


  • Hominis Machina will resurrect until the control chip is looted from the corpse. DescriptionEdit

Physical TraitsEdit

Hominis Machina are mechanically and biologically altered Humans and are likewise are the same size as humans. They have clearly visible signs of their modification.

Damage TypeEdit

Contingent on weapon used.

Weapons UsedEdit

Machina can use any human weapon, but have lost the ability to use Logos powers.

Special AttacksEdit



The Machina’s best armor is that they are highly resistant to damage. Because they are both biological and mechanized, they take only partial damage from all known weapon types.


No known weakness, though their mechanized parts are susceptible to EM radiation. Removal of their control chip prevents them from self-resuscitating.

Attack RangeEdit

Long Range


Machina soldiers are considered disposable and are therefore often used in large quantities as front line soldiers. Hominis Machina Lieutenants look just like normal humans, and are sometimes used as infiltration units.

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