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Highway Robbery
Mission sequence
Requirement: none
Follow-up: Production Destruction
Required Level 36
Mission giver: Retread Vincent
- Location: Retread City
Reward giver: Commander Figgins
- Location: Falcon Hold
XP: 35,000
Credits: 3,700

Med Pack Class VII Advanced Med Pack (2)
Adrenaline Booster Class VII Adrenaline Booster (2)
Grenade Class VII Incendiary Grenade (4)
Grenade Class VII EMP Grenade (4)

Overview Overview Edit

Steal medical supplies from the med tents in Paludos or Falcon's Hold and return them to Retread Vincent -- or report his request to the commanding officer in the AFS camp in Paludos. No matter your choice, return to Retread Vincent when you've completed your objective.

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Option: Steal Medical Supplies from the AFS hospitals
  • Option: Rat out the Retreads
  • Report back to Retread Vincent

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Retread Vincent:

So you're one of the fighting few, eh? The AFS are... well, let's just say that they are often hindered by their own bureaucracy. And there's nothing I like less than playing politics.
That's where you'll come in handy. If you really want to lend us a hand over here, go swipe us up some of the good AFS medical supplies. You'll find 'em in their med tents at Paludos and Falcon's Hold. Bring 'em back here in good shape and I'll make it worth your while.

Option: Rat out the Retreads Edit

Commander Figgins:

Damn Retreads! All they need to do is ask, but no... they just can't bring themselves to ask for our help, can they? I'll go send a runner over with some supplies, soldier.

Report back to Retread Vincent Edit

Retread Vincent:

Now that's what I like to see! Bypass the red tape, go straight to the goal. Good going! I expect you're going to fit in well around these parts.

Debriefing Edit

  • Option: Steal medical supplies from the AFS hospitals
Retread Vincent:
Your behavior is exactly what I expected, soldier. I'm glad to see I'm still an astute judge of character!
  • Option: Rat out the Retreads
Retread Vincent:
Your AFS buddies were here with the supplies. You just had to go and toe the company line, did you? Well that's not our way around here, soldier. I just don't think you're going to fit in well here...

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

If player steals medical supplies from medical crates in Paludos and Falcon Hold, the Bane Teleporter in Retread City is accessible to the character through entire game. Therefore, this option is very important. Other choice will make player to fight through the front door to complete missions inside Bane Refueling Station.

If you choose to steal the supplies, you don't have to go to both bases to get them. They spawn in a very short period of time so you can grab them from just one base faster than going to both.

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