Herbal Remedy
Mission sequence
Requirement: Childhood's End
Follow-up: Elixir Vitae
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Council Luminary Doyan
- Location: Daghda's Urn
Reward giver: Elder Gadfly
- Location: Daghda's Urn
XP: 22,000
Credits: 2,200

Unknown Armor Helmet Olympia Hazmat Armor Helmet
Unknown Armor Vest Olympia Motor Assist Armor Vest

Item0494 Overview Edit

Speak to Elder Gadfly in one of the Corman structures at Daghda's Urn, and follow his instructions to retrieve the rare Tinctu herb.

Item0490 Objective(s) Edit

Speak to Elder Gadfly. Edit

Ask Elder Gadfly where the Tinctu herb can be found.

Kill "The Three Devils. Edit

Defeat the Three Devils Old Scratch, Horntail and Archfiend.

Collect five Tinctu Herbs. Edit

Collect five Tinctu herbs from around Lake Tinctu.

Item0379 Tinctu Herb 5/5

Return to Elder Gadfly. Edit

Return to Elder Gadfly.

Item0454 DialoguesEdit

Briefing Edit

Council Luminary Doyan:

"Elder Gadfly knows of the Tinctu Herb. Seek his advice."
"Gadfly lives in one of the old Corman structures on the north side of the village. He is rather ... how do you people put it? Eccentric. But he is a genius in the ways of science, botany and healing. He will tell you where the herb can be obtained, and help to extract its essence."
"Show him the Mark of the Council, and he is bound by tribal law to assist you."

Speak to Elder Gadfly Edit

Elder Gadfly:

"You bear the Mark of the Council. Very well. What do you require?"
"The Tinctu herb? It grows only at a single location, a place called Lake Tinctua. The Bane have constructed a supply depot on the lake's shore .. just a landing pad, really .. but the pad is heavily guarded by three very powerful Thrax. We call them 'The Three Devils'. Your people have given them the nicknames of 'Old Scratch', 'Horntail' and 'Archfiend'. You must defeat them if you hope to gather the herbs in safety."
"Return when you have gathered five of the plants."

Debriefing Edit

Elder Gadfly:

"You've returned! I felt sure that 'The Three Demons' would have you for a light snack. Most impressive."
"You have done my people a great service by defeating the Three Devils. It will only take a moment to extract the essence of the Tinctu, but I would also like to bestow another gift upon you. Please accept one of these items, with my gratitude."

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

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