Healing Disc
Healing Disc
A player wielding a Healing Disc
Training: Tools Tools
Class: Specialist Specialist
Range: 20
Rate of fire: ?
Additional Item Requirements: Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals

AFS Healing DiscEdit

The AFS Healing Discs are equipped like a weapon and used to heal the player or another targeted player. A blue reticule that acts identical to the red enemy reticule, including a lock on feature, shows that you are targeting a friendly player that can be healed. If you are not targeting any friendly, or you are not passive targetting someone in range, you will heal yourself. To use your Healing Disc, simply use your Fire Weapon key. Healing Discs generally require the user to be within 5-10m, depending on the disc.

Since the last patch there are now 'Cone' and 'Radius' Healing disks, which heal all friendly units within their respective shapes, higher level versions of these healing disks have a longer range.

Over HealingEdit

The Healing Discs do allow over heal, you can waste Pharmaceuticals by healing yourself or another player who does not need healing. Players will not be granted any extra health, which means that meds used in this way are wasted.

Resuscitating & Jump StartingEdit

In order to resurrect another player or friendly machine you must have Healing and RepairTools at pump 3.

You will also need to have a "Direct" type of tool. Radial and Conical styles will not resuscitate or jumpstart a fallen ally.

Types of Healing DiscsEdit

There are two main types of Healing disc direct and Area. Direct may be use to res while the Area can only just heal the surrounding area.

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