Hard Core
Mission sequence
Required Level 33
Mission giver: Spymaster Terentyeva
- Location: Turpis Refinery
Reward giver: Spymaster Terentyeva
- Location: Turpis Refinery
XP: 50,000
Credits: 4,950

Sonic RPG Launcher Teleract Sonic RPG Launcher lvl 30
Cryogenic Leech Gun Vextronics Cryogenic Leech Gun lvl 34
Cryogenic Net Gun Animatics Cryogenic Net Gun lvl 31
Pulse Rifle ChiTech Pulse Rifle lvl 31

Overview Overview Edit

Find and Acquire all 3 Hard Drives and bring them back to Spymaster Terentyeva.

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Acquire the Hard drives (3):
    • Hard Drive Alpha
    • Hard Drive Bravo
    • Hard Drive Charlie

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit


This is no time for Amateurs, but I don't have time to train you myself. Believe me, I would if I could. But I'm going to trust you, because the AFS command trusts you, and I don't have much choice. The Bane keep all their information about toxins, anti-toxins, poisons, chemical reactions, anything they're studying here, on hard drives. You probably have seen something like them before, but there are three in particular that I'm interested in here. A couple of recon teams have been in and out, but not through this entrance. They got us some info on the hard drives.

The First is in the main control room. The second and thrid are in the toxin control centers. I'll make sure you have the information in your local map that will show you where to find them. Bring me all three.

Debriefing Edit


Very good, very good indeed. This is excellent work, and we'll start deconstructing this information immediately.

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit


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