Graveyard Shift
Stand-alone mission
Required Level 30 (unconfirmed)
Mission giver: Loremaster Talisen
- Location: New Velon Village
Reward giver: Loremaster Talisen
- Location: New Velon Village
XP: 45,000
Credits: 4,800


Overview Overview Edit

Kill twelve Tomb Miasmas and six Elder Tomb Miasmas at the Forean burial ground atop Mount Reverance. Return to Loremaster Talisen at New Velon Village when you have complete the task.

Objectives Objectives Edit

Kill 12 Tomb Miasmas
Tomb Miasmas killed 0/12
Kill 6 Tomb Miasma Bulls
Tomb Miasma Bulls killed 0/6

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Loremaster Talisen:

Tomb Miasmas infest the burial grounds of our honored dead. Will no one help ?
When our most honored warriors pass from this life, we inter them atop Mount Reverance. It is a most sacred place. Recently, the tombs there have been defiled by Tomb Miasmas. They suck the marrow from the bones of our honored dead. This is a blasphemy that must stop!
Will you go to Mount Reverance and kill these vile creatures?

Debriefing Edit

Loremaster Talisen:

Now, perhaps our ancestors can finally rest in peace. We are in your debt.

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

Miasma are found at Vogren's Tomb. Typically only 4-5 bulls spawn at one time. Respawn rate is about 5 minutes. Remember that Miasma's are vulnerable to electric damage and immune to cold damage. They also phase out when damaged and cannot be damaged again until they rematerialize. The best attack is a strong Lightening bolt followed by shotgun blast. Wait until they rematerialize then repeat the attack. Do not use high rate of fire weapons such as pistols, polarity guns, leech guns and chainguns.

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