Gotta Get Out of this Place
Stand-alone mission
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Prisoner Varsti
- Location: Comm Tower
Reward giver: Prisoner Balka
- Location: Comm Tower
XP: 25,000
Credits: 5,000

Graviton Armor Gloves v1 Teleract Graviton Armor Gloves v1
Hazmat Armor Gloves v5 Teleract Hazmat Armor Gloves v5
Incendiary Shotgun Vitalius Incendiary Shotgun

Item0494 Overview Edit

Locate the two additional groups of Brann workers imprisoned in the building. Speak to their leaders to give them the all-clear to head for safety.

Item0490 Objective(s) Edit

Rescue the first group of prisoners Edit

Rescue the second group of prisoners Edit

Item0454 DialogueEdit

Briefing Edit

Prisoner Varsti:

Hell, it's about time someone got in here! We heard the firefight out there, but we were too busy with our own 'situation' in here to help out. There's two more groups of workers trapped in the upper levels. If you're heading up that way, you'd do them a hell of a favor to get them out. If you can just free them up, they'll make it out of here on their own.
Speaking of which, the coast is clear so we're going to get out of here. Good luck!

Rescue the first group of prisoners Edit

Prisoner Tasha:

Go on ahead, I'll get these people out of here!

Rescue the second group of prisoners Edit

Prisoner Balka:

Thanks for the help! We've been trapped in here since the Bane showed up.

Debriefing Edit

Prisoner Balka:

Thank you for your help, Human. We'd stick around, but...well...we know better than to try to rush the command center. Good luck - may your aim stay true!
Bug Bug! If you're in a group and one player completes this mission by talking to Prisoner Balka, he and the rest of the prisoners will run off without allowing the other members of the group to complete it. The mission stays completed in your log so after the instance has reset you can hand it in by fighting your way straight back to Prisoner Balka.

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

The first group of prisoners seemed to rescue itself; Tasha was standing at the exit after I had died.

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