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Going Postal
Stand-alone mission
Required Level 30 (unconfirmed)
Mission giver: Ranger Kaely
- Location: New Velon Village
Reward giver: Ranger Kaely
- Location: New Velon Village
XP: 45,000
Credits: 4,800


Overview Overview Edit

Rendevous with Ranger Porthus on the far side of Valverde Chasm, near Desolation Quarry, and obtain a satchel of letters from the Forean Village of Palados. Bring the satchel to Ranger Kaely at New Velon Village.

Objectives Objectives Edit

Locate Ranger Porthus.
Redezvous with Ranger Porthus and get the satchel of letters from the village of Palados.
Get mail satchel.
Obtain the mail satchel for the Velon Das Refugees.
Item0000 Mail Satchel From Palados 0/1

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Ranger Kaely:

The courier Porthus, from Palados village, is long overdue. I fear for his safety!
It is a time of great sorrow. The village of Velon Das was attacked by the Bane and burned to the ground. We are overrun with refugees, but we do all that we can to feed them and see to their needs. Many of my people are losing hope. The smallest of pleasures might restore their serenity.
We have been awaiting the arrival of the Ranger Porthus. He travels all the way from the great village of Palados in Valverde Marshes, carrying a satchel of letters. These letters are from the surviving relatives of the refugees. Receiving those letters might bring some cheer.
We have heard that Porthus has gone missing on the far side of Valverde chasm, near Desolation Quarry. The area is filled with Bane patrols. Please, will you search for him and bring the satchel here?

Locate Ranger Porthus. Edit

Ranger Porthus:

This satchel contains letters to the people of Velon Das. The journey from Palados was long and hard, but these letters may bring joy to those who have lost much.
Be warned, tal kahmadi. The enemy has reached Valverde Pools in force. I am fortunate to have crossed that area unharmed. Do not venture there until you are ready, or it may be your undoing!

Debriefing Edit

Ranger Kaely:

You have done a wonderful thing, tal kahmadi! This small thing will bring great comfort to the refugees, and help to heal their wounded hearts.

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

Porthus can be found on the cliff overlooking Valverde chasm. Sometimes he will be engaged in combat and nearly falling off the cliff. Kill his attackers and he will return to his normal position.

Note: Using an Exobiologist and a clone to do this mission I have never been able to find the satchel of letters. This may be bugged.

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