Gaseous Matters
Mission sequence
Requirement: Ready for McReddy
Follow-up: Striders Stage Right
Required Level 49
Mission giver: Recon Commander McReddy
- Location: Dia Toma
Reward giver: Recon Commander McReddy
- Location: Dia Toma
XP: 300,000
Credits: 10,000

Reflective Armor Helmet v4 ChiTech Reflective Armor Helmet v4
Bio Armor Helmet v4 Phoenix Bio Armor Helmet v4
Motor Assist Armor Helmet v6 Teleract Motor Assist Armor Helmet v6
Hazmat Armor Helmet v3 Astra Hazmat Armor Helmet v3

Overview Overview Edit

Go north of the recon squad, into the devastated Forean village of Dia Toma and destroy 6 Bane Gas Harvesters, 3 Gas Tanks and Master Gas Harvester Phuumz.

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Destroy Gas Harvestors
Destroy 6 Gas Harvestors.
Gas Harvestors Destroyed x 6
  • Destroy the Gas Tanks
Destroy 3 Gas Tanks.
Gas Tanks Destroyed x 3
  • Kill Phuumz
Kill the Master Gas Harvester Phuumz.
Master Gas Harvester Phuumz Killed x 1

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Recon Commander McReddy:

Those nearby gas harvesters need to be destroyed to help quell the Striders' fuel supply.
Sergeant Fonseca and Colonel Sherk are knee deep in Striders, and one of the main reasons is the abundant fuel supplies in gas form that this land mass generates, especially under Forean villages on top of large gas deposits, but suffice it to say the Bane are more than happy to level the villages and plant their gas harvesters in their places.
Our job is to recon areas like this, call it in and wait for the heavy hitters to come in and level the Bane gas harvester camps. And guess what; you're the heavy hitter.
Get in that camp, take out those gas harvesters, those fuel tanks, and especially that Master Gas Harvester - Phuumz I believe he's called. Do that and we'll be on our way to putting an end to this rash of Striders. Good luck.

Mission Reminder Edit

Recon Commander McReddy:

Time is lives lost, soldier. Get it done!

Debriefing Edit

Recon Commander McReddy:

That's one fueling station they won't be using anytime soon. Good work. Now we gotta find that Strider staging area and take it out.

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

Just north of McReddy is Dia Toma. Several Thrax and some Bane Sentinels roam this small outpost. Nonetheless, it shouldn't be too hard to destroy the harvesters, fuel tanks, and Phuumz. Phuumz hits with some hard EMP damage, so either take him out ASAP or kill everything else first.

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